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Latest news about VSql-email :

  • February 1st 2018 - can be scheduled more than once daily

  • June 20, 2017 - if the application is activated, at first run, after 10 seconds of inactivity it will enter automatically in <Scheduled mode>

  • June 1-st 2017 - now you can to not send emails if query result is empty

  • November 1-st 2016 - official release of VSql-email v1.0

  • We combined all the VSql-email modules in a single screen for more efficiency.

  • All password stored in the application are encrypted.

  • For back-up, you just need to copy the entire VSql-email folder on another drive.

  • You can move VSql-email on another machine and keep all your work, but you need to buy another license.

  • Our application has OEM license, activation code work just on a single machine.

  • For next version, there are planned multiple improvements.

  • VSql-email was tested in different environments, including SQL Express.