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In this page, you will learn about all objects in VSql-email.

We started from the main window and we split it in modules described below :




sql connection

For the better understanding of "SQL Server connection module" is recommended to learn more about SQL connection string.
please visit :
Next step is to download SQL Native Client (32 or 64 bits version depending on you computer operating system)
you can download it from here : X86 Package (32 bits)  or X64 Package (64 bits)
In Server name field you must complete your server name or IP address (example: DESKTOP-DVRMPT;\ERP;,4133 etc)
DB name is your database name, Auth. mode is authentification type, if your SQL server is on the same computer with VSql-email you can use a trusted connection (without user and password), otherwise you must provide a user and a password for your connection.
Hit the <Test connection> button and read the message, if your connection string is correct you can <Save> the data.



smtp connection


 In this module are settings of your email server. You can ask your provider for this settings. Here is a link for Gmail SMTP :

Auth. type has a tooltip where you can see the possible values and SSL is strongly recommended. User and password must be specified and are your email user and password. You can send a test email to your address and if all settings are correct you can save the data.






<Task name> is the name who will be displayed in the tasks list. It must be representative for you to find your task.

<Occurs> has the role in settings periodicity of your task by settings days and hour when VSql-email will send an automatically email.

<SQL Query> is the query that will be run on your server and whose result it will be sent as formatted HTML.

<From> is your email set at <SMTP settings> module. Tip: you can try to use another email here.

<To> is your delivery emails list separated by ";" (without quotes).

<Subject> is subject of the email. It can be the same as task name or something understandable.

<Body> is the message of email and it will be displayed above HTML formatted table from your query result.

<Active> - only tasks with this option checked will be sent. Tou can save a task for later use by simply not check this option.

<Save> it will save your task and it will be displayed in the tasks list.

<Run now> will send an email without regard the <Occurs> settings. In free version only in this mode, you can send emails.





If you check <Always on top> VSql-email will remain above other windows.

In <Scheduled mode> VSql-email it will be minimized in tray and only in this mode it will send automatically emails.
From <Exit> you can quit the application.



new task

You can add a new task or delete an existing task. Deleted task cannot be recovered, so it's recommended to back-up you TASK.INI file (in this file are stored your tasks).